Profitable Selling practice specialties include:

chart icon Sales talent development & performance management

Profitable Selling offers sales training and coaching solutions that:

  • Engage sales reps in discovering and buying into best-practice sales approaches
  • Employ sales managers in ensuring learning is reinforced and applied to the job
  • Support your unique offerings, industry, competitive environment and organization culture

chart icon Sales talent analytics & candidate selection

 Profitable Selling can help you:

  • Confidently make sales hiring decisions and virtually eliminate costly sales hiring mistakes
  • Prioritize training needs by diagramming composite sales population strengths and weaknesses
  • Audit the skillset of your current sales team to set the stage for succession planning and sales organization transformation
Sales talent solutions from America's top authority on sales force best practices (photo of adiverse group of young professionals)

The selling game has changed, and its new language is profitability


There is a need to transform selling.

Selling has undergone its most significant change in more than 30 years. For those who recognize it, there is a "call to arms" that is transforming how sellers must sell and what it takes to succeed.

It’s no longer about your company against mine, or your products and services against mine. It’s now, all about profitability and the ability to identify it, quantify it, sell it, and deliver it!

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Our Managing Partner Bob Rickert wrote the book on how to master this new way of selling. Listen to the introduction here.

Partner with a program manager who knows the ropes.

Profitable Selling client executives offer years of sales leadership and project management experience.  We also draw upon a partner network of dozens of thought leaders and content developers.

Partner with a program manager who knows the ropes (colorful roped in a know)