The Profitable Selling Program ®

The selling game has changed, and its new language is profitability

Selling is undergoing its most significant change in over 30 years. To thrive today, sales professionals must understand how customers are changing and what it will take to win in this economy. It’s no longer about your company against mine, or your products and services against mine.

Now it's all about profitability and the ability to identify it, quantify it, sell it, and deliver it! There is a need to transform selling.

How customers are changing

Are your sales professionals changing to meet a more sophisticated and demanding buyer?

  • Digitalization: They're more educated with search engines and endless internet resources at their fingertips.
  • Experience: They expect a personalized buying experience, end-to-end, by role.
  • Collaboration: They expect you to understand their needs, tailor solutions, and provide transparency.
  • Value: They expect insights, expertise, financial benefits, and profitability.

Why profitability is important

“Too often, we are not rewarded for the financial impact we deliver. It’s up to the salesperson to know how to identify, quantify, and communicate our impact. If they don’t, who will? We know customers won’t do it."

- Sales executive

The Profitable Selling Program ® is a hands-on, experiential workshop that provides the business, financial, and customer engagement strategies necessary to compete on value. The objective is to identify, quantify and deliver profitable business results for your customers. In doing so, you will improve your bottom line and win more business.

Module 1: Know your customer's business

Customer business cycle
Buyer roles & KPIs
Customer engagement

Module 2: Know your customer's scorecard

Company scorecard
Buyer KPI scorecard
Selling to buyer KPIs

Module 3: Execute a targeted pursuit plan

Quantify your value
Build your Account Pursuit Plan
Present a winning solution

Now is the time to equip your sales team with the knowledge, skills, and tools to position your company for success during these rapidly changing economic times. Profitable Selling provides sales professionals with the confidence to have stronger business conversations andto ensure they deliver value for your company and for your customers!

Customer engagement - the missing component

We believe today’s go-to-market sales strategies need to go beyond situational selling, playbooks, and pitch decks, to a more dynamic customer engagement model. To meet the buyer where they are, we focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the key roles you sell to. Profitable selling occurs at every level of customer engagement, the key is aligning seller engagement, selling strategies, and requisite skills with what drives buying decisions.

The Customer Engagement Model™ maximizes the value of your sales process and sales methodology by allowing you to meet customers where they are and how they want to engage.

Customer engagement focuses on how customers buy and aligns seller engagement, selling strategies, and skills with what drives buying decisions. They are different based on the buyer’s role, their KPI’s and unique buying requirements.

Sales methodology is a set of principles, practices, and techniques that a sales team adopts to achieve their sales goals, their approach to selling, and their methods for building relationships.

Sales process is designed to navigate a prospective customer through the process from initial contact to close. CRM and other enabling tools are critical to creating muscle memory around capturing the buying cycle and the sales progress being achieved.

What our
clients say

“Everyone leaves the workshop thinking like a business owner. This provides greater insights to how we bring hard-dollar impact to their business”.

“Value must be quantified and demonstrate how a customer benefits from a Total Cost of Ownership approach rather than focusing only on product and price.”

Selling profitably - a new mindset

At the core of the new sales transformation is a new mindset, a different way of thinking about what you sell and how you sell.

Too often, companies are not rewarded for the financial impact they deliver. It’s up to the salesperson to know how to identify, quantify and communicate their impact. If they don’t, who will? We know customers won’t do it.

Winning against price

If salespeople are unaware of the economic value they deliver, they often fall victim to the only metric customers do understand, price. Let’s face it, price is quantifiable.

Profit-centered salespeople are a new breed of salesperson. To their customers, salespeople are viewed as peers. They speak the language of business and profit improvement. They bring ideas, thought leadership, and innovation to every interaction.

They understand how to identify, quantify, sell, and deliver profit improvement for customers. And when they do that, they become Profit Heroes to their customers!

We wrote the book!

'Profit Heroes: Breakthrough Strategies for Winning Customers and Building Profits

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  • Listen below to the introduction to Profit Heroes - “The Need to Transform Selling”

"Now, more than ever, salespeople need to understand finance and profitability if they are to sell effectively. Bob Rickert has written an informative and thoroughly enjoyable book that provides a roadmap for salespeople seeking to become "Profit Heroes.' I would like to include it in a course for our sales students at K-State! I highly recommend this book to anyone in the sales arena."

-Dr. Dawn Deeter-Schmelz, professor; director of the National Strategic Selling Institute; and J.J. Vanier Distinguished Chair of Relational Selling & Marketing, Kansas State University

Topics included in the book:

  • The Need to Transform Selling
  • It is All about Profitability—How Customers Are Changing
  • From Commoditization to Profit Impact—A Sales Transformation
  • The Profit-Centered Selling Process
  • Customer Discovery and Financial Understanding
  • Bringing Thought Leadership and Insight to Customers
  • Accessing Economic Buyers
  • Selling Profit Improvement and Proving It!