Enjoy gains in rep productivity, sales unit revenue, talent retention, and more. The best measure of any sales talent initiative is bottom-line results. Here are some Revenue Partner client outcomes.


Profit Heroes: Breakthrough Strategies for Winning Customers and Building Profits

Selling is undergoing its most significant change in more than 30 years. For those who recognize it, there is a call to arms that is transforming how sellers must sell and what it will take to succeed.

Maximize Business Success through the Use of Competitive Sales Simulations!

In today’s environment, the most successful program is a combination of customized organizational content and hands-on experience. Because leaders are under pressure to deliver profitable growth, quarter after quarter, achieving goals demands renewed focus on building the capability of the sales force. Our Competitive Simulations are designed to challenge the thinking and application of the…

Be the game changer! (illustration of big ideas and profits going up)

Up against a strong incumbent? Be the game changer!

If you want to get the customer’s attention, and differentiate yourself as someone who is looking out for the customer’s long-term benefit, then you must think big. Start with the end in mind.

How to be a profit hero (photo of saleswoman with a superhero shadow)

Profitability & ROI: The new language of selling

How to win over an entrenched incumbent with value selling

5 actions every new sales leader must take in their first 30 days (photo of a sprinter along on the track) Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

5 actions every new sales leader must take in their first 30 days

You can’t sit on your hands – but you don’t want to do anything stupid.
Here’s what to do out of the gate.

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Winning legions of early adopters

A medical diagnostics company uses a simulation to help its sales reps win over key influencers and skeptical hospital purchase authorities

A stethoscope rests on top of a health insurance form on a clipboard

Supporting aggressive growth plans with assessments

A large health insurance company identifies new sales competencies required and assesses the talent profile of incumbents to perform the new roles.

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Retooling sales managers with just-in-time coaching

Reps at this international manufacturing firm can better address revenue opportunities using the sales coaching tools on their mobile device.

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Helping salespeople compete on value rather than price

A major office supplies distributor is growing its margin by helping its sales reps gain financial understanding

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Saving a costly external search to fill new sales leadership roles

A consumer package goods leader introduces a powerful talent assessment to identify current sales team members with the talent DNA to succeed.