Profit Heroes: Breakthrough Strategies for Winning Customers and Building Profits

Selling is undergoing its most significant change in more than 30 years. For those who recognize it, there is a call to arms that is transforming how sellers must sell and what it will take to succeed.

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A call to arms for sales professionals

Profit Heroes addresses a new “call to arms” that is transforming selling. To thrive in the future, salespeople must understand how customers are changing and what it will take to win. It is no longer about your company against mine, or your products and services against mine, or your know-how against mine. It is now all about profitability and the ability to identify it, quantify it, sell it and deliver it. To win you must be viewed by customers as more than “a vendor.” You must now become “an earnings contributor”.

The book offers a unique inside and emotional view of two competing salespeople who faced off in the pursuit of a big opportunity. Both represent great companies. Both are highly talented and successful. One wins and one loses. Theirs is a classic competition you see every day in American business and is what makes selling the most exciting profession in the world. The book unveils the strategies and approaches that the winner and all Profit Heroes use to achieve success.

Bob Rickert, Managing Partner, Profitable Selling, LLC



Book Endoresements

“Now, more than ever, salespeople need to understand finance and profitability if they are to sell effectively to the C-suite. Fortunately, Bob Rickert has written an informative and thoroughly enjoyable book that provides a roadmap for salespeople seeking to become ‘Profit Heroes.’ Using realistic examples, Bob paints a picture of how to sell successfully using executive board language and contrasts it with the unsuccessful strategy of a firm that takes a different approach. The information Bob provides is so powerful that I would like to include it in a course for our sales students at K-State! I highly recommend this book to anyone in the sales arena.”

Dr. Dawn Deeter-Schmelz, professor; director of the National Strategic Selling Institute;
and J. J. Vanier Distinguished Chair of Relational Selling & Marketing, Kansas State University

“Exceptional sales practices have always consisted of both art and science. Profit Heroes delves deeply into sales science as it has evolved since the Great Recession. It is both eye-opening and amazingly powerful. Don’t just read it. Study it!”

 —Tom Hopkins, author of When Buyers Say No

“Many of the buyers you encounter today are going to pressure you to reduce your price in order to win their business. Make no mistake, you are being commoditized. Without the business acumen to truly understand your client’s business and justify the impact your solution has on your prospective client’s profit, ‘you are destined to compete on price.’ Bob’s recipe, if followed, is guaranteed to make you a profit hero–inside your client’s company and your own.”

Anthony Iannarino, entrepreneur, author, and speaker

“Warning: Everything you know about selling is wrong. Everything you have been taught before today is wrong. This book will upset you. You will have to relearn everything. You will have to learn about a new mindset: a profit mindset.” 

Todd Schnick, CEO of Dreamland Media

“Bob’s focus on ‘profit’ could not be more on-target. In a recent dialogue with industry CEOs, there was ‘table-pounding’ agreement that all employees, including sales, marketing, finance, operations, HR, and IT, must all know how they impact profit improvement.”

Dr. Douglas A. Fisher, assistant professor and director of the
Center for Supply Chain Management, Marquette University

“At the end of the day, virtually all companies exist solely to make money for their owners. In Bob Rickert’s book Profit Heroes: Breakthrough Strategies for Winning Customers and Building Profits, his approach to selling profit improvement is spot on. I enjoyed the winner and loser stories. Well done. His deep dive into the techniques and use of resources is extremely helpful to anyone doing strategic selling. Wonderful book!!”

Tom VanHootegem, retired sales executive

Bob Rickert