Winning legions of early adopters

A medical diagnostics company uses a simulation to help its sales reps win over key influencers and skeptical hospital purchase authorities


A leading diagnostics firm leverages innovation in genomic technology and machine learning to enable significantly greater physician confidence in the diagnosis of challenging diseases such as thyroid cancer, lung cancer, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

The company introduced a new product to the market that contributes new standards of care in the diagnosis of diseases by enabling more patients to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures, speeding time to diagnosis, and reducing costs.

However, because it was a new diagnostic approach, physicians were slow to accept its findings, instead relying on traditional but less reliable testing. The sales organization’s biggest challenge was persuading physicians and other clinical influencers to make the new diagnostic product a standard protocol.


Profitable Selling implemented an innovative, hands-on simulation aimed at helping sales reps create advocacy for establishing a clinical protocol to use their new diagnostic product. This engaging and highly interactive learning experience focused on the company’s real-world selling environment, including key influencers in the hospital setting, and identified strategies that addressed the concerns of each influencer.


Sales reps quickly learned to differentiate the levels of influence among the hospital’s clinical staff and provided a process designed to persuade key advocates and adversaries critical to establishing the protocol. This resulted in greater access to target physicians and specialists using the new product protocol, which accelerated approvals and increased the number of hospitals that established a protocol for the new product, significantly growing new revenue.

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