Saving a costly external search to fill new sales leadership roles

A consumer package goods leader introduces a powerful talent assessment to identify current sales team members with the talent DNA to succeed.

Through sales leadership focus groups and the use of a talent assessment tool, Revenue Partner helped a global consumer package goods leader: 

  • Determine baseline skills of its salespeople and sales leaders and their potential capacity to grow in relevant competency areas 
  • Identify appropriate internal candidates to fill newly redefined sales and sales manager roles 
  • Align sales talent to support the company’s growth strategies 

As part of a reorganization in the U.S., a global direct-to-consumer products provider redesigned its sales and sales manager roles to align them with the company’s growth strategies and help reenergize the business.

With the new job responsibilities outlined, the company needed a proven, objective tool to help them identify which professionals within the current sales organization had the skills and capacity to succeed in the redefined roles.


Profitable Selling conducted several sales leadership focus groups and employed a highly reputable talent assessment tool to identify the ideal job profiles for the new roles. The entire field sales organization took part in the process. The profiling process involved conducting focus groups with current sales leaders as well as key members of the talent team.

We then sent the assessment survey to several hundred current sales producers and leaders to determine the likelihood of a successful transition into the new roles.

Through this process, Profitable Selling was able to collect and analyze a range of unbiased data points to determine everyone’s baseline skills and their potential capacity to improve in the relevant competency areas. To ensure that everyone understood how to interpret and apply the findings and recommendations, Profitable Selling conducted a workshop to discuss the key insights and answer questions.


The assessment process helped the company accurately determine which of their salespeople and leaders would be most likely to succeed in the new roles. Even though the company was prepared to hire external candidates to fill open positions, it was able to fill all of the positions internally based on the results of the assessment survey. They are currently using the assessment tool to augment their recruiting process to help find the best candidates for future openings.

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